Prom 8: Celebrating John Williams

‘Prom 8: Celebrating John Williams’ was on BBC 4 Friday evening and it’s playing again on BBC iPlayer. The Royal Albert Hall really is the perfect venue in the United Kingdom to showcase John Williams’ work. It’s grand. It’s historic. It’ll be around forever.
Click the of the concert and read what fans had to say that were there in person.
The BBC Four twitter account has posted a thread of tweets quoting John Williams regarding returning to Star Wars for The Force Awakens.
Has this concert at the Royal Albert Hall got you in mood for another similar event in the same venue? Yes? Then Star Wars: Rogue One composer, Michael Giacchino, will be celebrating his 50th birthday there this October.
Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a ship in the North Sea he likes to travel to as many Star Wars (and LOST) events and locations as possible. He's often found roaming convention floors cosplaying as Bad Robot.