Official Blog: Star Wars Celebration Europe: Your Favorite Memory Photo Book, Part 2

Mary Franklin brings us the second of her looks back at the biggest party of the summer, Celebration Europe. It’s filled with a whole bunch of friends of the site once again, including Steve Sansweet, Jason Thorogood (uncle of our comic reviewer Zak), Tim, Gerald and Ates from S.W.O.R.A at the opening panel of the event, documentary maker and Brit List founder Gary Mancini and Stefan Cembolista of the Belgian Garrison of the 501st who hosted our Caravan of the Force trip while we were in Belgium. And not forgetting Jeremy Bulloch who joined us on the trip, Warwick Davis who’s supported our efforts for a long time, John Morton who you shall soon be seeing right here on Jedi News and last but not least in the bottom left hand corner of the haka photo our own Matt Booker.

Star Wars Celebration Europe, in Essen, Germany, this past July, not only commemorated decades of the incredible galaxy far, far away and 30 years of Return of the Jedi, it transmitted crackles of excitement for both the new television series Star Wars Rebels and a brand new theatrical Star Wars movie planned for 2015.

It was thrilling to be a part of that excitement at a Celebration again, and I loved it. You loved the show, too, by the looks of your pictures, emails, and tweets.