No Reservations Needed to Visit Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World

In an interview with Inside The Magic, Disney’s Bob Chapek, Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products said the reservation system that was in place for fans who wanted to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland will not be utilized for the opening of the park on Thursday, August 29 in Walt Disney World.

“When we’re building a land, we look at it as, what does it contribute, not only in the land itself, but what does it contribute to the overall park, the overall experience? And as such, the physicality of this make look identical to Disneyland, but the software will start to diverge,” Chapek shared in an interview with Inside the Magic. “We had a reservation system at Disneyland that we’re not executing here. We never planned to, ’cause it’s a different thing then in terms of how guests use it. And so I think to a certain extent…the programming elements of this will probably be a little bit different. But we’re real happy with the Millennium Falcon attraction.”

The virtual queue system will be returning as mentioned earlier.

SOURCEInside The Magic
Justin LaSalata
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