Change4Life is an NHS initiative here to help you and your family be healthier and happier. As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary, this new initiative features healthy eating tips, quick and easy family recipes, fun activities for kids and more — it’s a great way to help you and your children live a healthier lifestyle.

Last year the NHS teamed up with Disney to bring activities featuring the characters from Disney’s most loved animated films. This summer they continue their work with Disney and expand to include Lucasfilm, allowing them to introduce characters and activities from Star Wars.

New activities for 2018 include Train Like A Jedi, taking inspiration from characters like Rey and Luke. It’s time to get your kids moving as they learn to master the ways of the Jedi with a fun, play along video (watch here). New games and activities will be added each week during the summer.

Week 1 – Explore Jakku
Our adventure begins on the remote desert planet, Jakku, home to our hero Rey and the lost Millennium Falcon. Rey, Finn and BB-8 are hiding in the local market from the First Order.

Week 2 – Escape D’Qar
Continue your adventure to the planet D’Qar where the Resistance are hiding out. You won’t be there for long though, as General Leia Organa has announced the evacuation of the planet before the First Order attacks!

Week 3 – Train on Ahch-To
Your journey continues on the sacred planet of Ahch-To where the first Jedi Temple was built. Rey found Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker here, and together they have been training in the ways of the Jedi.

Week 4 – Ride across Cantonica
Travel to the city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. It’s full of bright lights and amazing sights, and also home to a number of captured fathiers. These creatures are over 3 metres tall and are extremely fast runners!

Week 5 – Destroy The Supremacy
This week you need to sneak onto the First Order’s giant spaceship, The Supremacy, home to their evil leader, Snoke. But look out – the enemy will be everywhere!

Week 6 – Defend Crait
Your journey ends on the planet Crait where amazing white salt covers the red crystal. The Resistance have just landed here and take refuge in an old mine, but the First Order are on their way.

Millions of children are being given a Train Like A Jedi summer pack as they leave school for the holidays which includes six weeks of activities, stickers, wall chart and more — check out the images.

We’ll be watching this new initiative with interest!

SOURCEChange4Life: Train Like A Jedi
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