Welcome Back! If you missed out on my first day of my first ever Star Wars Celebration click here to read all about the highlights.

As the convention moved on to the 2nd day it was time for Star Wars Bookworms to be on the podcast stage as well as doing some author interviews and so much more. On this day I felt more like an actual media person but I still managed to go about the convention in my own way. There were not as many pictures this day and for some reason I never remember to take pictures of us when we do interviews. Luckily some people took some pictures of us on the podcast stage because that would have been hard to do. The day turned out amazing even though we were slightly nervous about being on the stage. What made us even more nervous was when we got up to the room there was a LONG line outside the room and going down the hallway. Aaron had to ask someone what the line was for and they said Star Wars Bookworms! It blew our minds and even to this day I am still humbled by the turn out.

Day 2 Highlights:

Going to go see the 6” black series Ahsoka Tano mock up figure from Hasbro.

We also got to see the cool cover that is not the final cover for the new Star Wars Battlefront Twlight Company book and we also learned that a friend of the Star Wars Bookworms Alexander Freed is writing the book

It was #AhsokaLives day and I was wearing my Ahsoka lives shirt the new cool amazing blue one but I never took a picture of my outfit just me. So here is one of me and my friend Tracy Gardner or @feministnerd on IG go follow her!

I got to see the cutest ewoks ever! The daughters of my good friend @Jedishua or Josh Stolte.

We did some amazing interviews with Christie Golden, John Jackson Miller and James Luceno.

We got to hang out with the Topps Digital guys for a while and get access to our digital Star Wars Celebration card packs and the special green celebration cards. We also got some packs of Star Wars Rebels hard copy cards and we then sat on the floor out of the way by a wall and opened them just like kids!

I finally got to meet Dan Wallace! We have talked so much over the years but meeting him was surreal. He even said he was going to come to our podcast panel and he actually did! So we added him to the Bookworms line up on the stage because that is just what you do!

The last big thing was the Podcast Stage and it was time for Star Wars Bookworms to make its first live appearance. I already said this earlier but the crowd that was there was mind blowing. It really warmed my heart to know just how many people listen to our show and care about what we have to say. We had the amazing Drew Karpyshyn and Dan Wallace on stage for the first 20 or so minutes then we brought up our good friends Josh Stolte and Mark Newbold to talk about our favorite Star Wars books. It was truly a great time. We also got some help from our amazing friends and network sponsors Bethany and Riley Blanton from the Star Wars Report. They always help us sound awesome and give us the tips and pointers we need to be great. William from Ion Cannon was there too and seeing our friends in the audience helped it all go so much smoother!


After all the Star Wars was said and done I escaped with my co host Aaron to Disneyland because how could we not we were so close to it! Here are some fun pictures from our time at the park.


Overall the 2nd day was a smash and even though I did more work on this day it was still really fun. I found myself being less interested in attending panels and more interested in just talking to my friends. I also figured Saturday being rebels day I would be going to a ton of panels!

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