MCM Birmingham and Memorabilia Comic Con: 22nd – 23rd March 2014

A short time ago in a place not so far away…MCM Birmingham and Memorabilia Comic Con! Where geeks stride in pride with their freshly signed figures and Cosplayers pose for the photographers in ore. This event is truly magnificent in all its different aspects with great bargains on awesome merchandise up for grabs. But as always, the Force had a great presence roaming around the hall.

The UK Garrison came down and assembled some of their finest Jedi, Sith and Troopers like Star Killer, Royal Guard, Republic Commandoes and TIE Pilots. Their parade was truly spectacular with an impressive turnout. The R2 builders club also assembled a small range of Astromechs to show off and as always they also put on a jaw-dropping display, a small crowd ever present. Some independent Cosplayers showed their face as personalised Star Wars characters which was great to see as well. It just really reflects the imagination that fans hold and how they come out with awesome gear!

Loads of independent stalls showed up selling a wide variety of figures including Black Series, Kenner originals and many more. Vintage stock was plenty from old card packs to original toy Falcons. A massive haven for specific collectors looking for vintage and new lines. Some venders even brought merchandise from over in the states allowing great opportunities at bargain rates. Besides toys, personnel wear was booming like exclusive rucksacks, hand crafted jewellery and cool t-shirts, again many from the states!

Custom Lego sets and figures were up for grabs on many of the tables like this awesome chess set. So if you are looking for that Wampa fig you lost ages ago or a unique gift, this is the place to be! Eight well-known actors also made appearances including; Jack Klaff (Red Four), Dermot Crowley (General Madine), Gerald Home (Tessek), Christian J. Simpson (BD-3000 Luxury Droid), Benedict Taylor (Bravo-2), Femi Taylor (Oola), Derek Lyons (Temple Guard) and Peter Roy (Major Olander Brit). A very “Impressive” collection! If you’re weren’t able to make it to this Comic Con then don’t worry as the next MCM Birmingham is on 22-23rd November 2014!

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Zak Portlock-Thorogood
Zak joined the site as a reviewer of Dark Horse's weekly comic publications. Before joining Matt Booker in running the Facebook page. Zak is a keen photographer, and covers events such as MCM Comic Con, Farthest From, and Celebration for Jedi News.