List this in ‘a lesson learned’ as two lightsaber sparring academy’s in North America fall foul of trademark infringement.

Lucasfilm, a Disney subsidiary, has filed a lawsuit against a California man, whose described in the lawsuit as operating businesses that offer lightsaber classes, a Jedi school, and other related events. As THR reports, his companies continue to infringe the various Star Wars trademarks, despite warnings.

The New York Jedi club classes are held in midtown Manhattan, and has gained a lot attention from mainstream media publications and the public, but Lucasfilm is not amused with the classes that it has taken the matter to federal court.

According to a complaint filed a California District Court, they are suing Michael Brown and his companies, including the New York Jedi club and the associated Lightsaber Academy.

“Defendants are in the business of promoting, producing, offering for sale and selling unauthorized ‘Lightsaber’ classes, which purport to teach students how to use ‘Lightsabers’ and/or perform as ‘Jedi’,” the complaint reads

Mark Newbold
Former Daily Content Manager and Program Director for Jedi News and the podcast network. Co-host RADIO 1138 and Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

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