How You’ll Be Told to ‘Move Along’ at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

If you are lucky enough to have got a four hour slot for Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, when it opens at the end of the month, you may be wondering how Disney will enforce this. io9 have got the lowdown on how this will be put into practice.

It’ll take more than a Jedi mind trick to get people to “move along” from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when the attraction first opens. Fans who were lucky enough to secure a four-hour reservation to visit the highly anticipated Disneyland expansion next month will wear wristbands designating their time slots. When their time is over, they’ll be denied services and maybe even politely asked to leave.

There could even be Stormtroopers there to add to the experience, and they will need to see your identification (the wristband, in this case). It’s a process Disney has used for other ticketed events in the past. You get four hours to do whatever you want; when your time’s up, cast members simply won’t allow you to buy anything or ride any of the attractions if your wristband has expired, hoping that you simply leave by your own accord.

“Four hours is a long time in the land,” Disneyland vice president Kris Theiler told the Orange County Register. “Most guests are going to find that they’re ready to roll after four hours.”

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