Harrison Ford Honors Billy Dee Williams at American Black Film Festival Honors

Earlier this year, Billy Dee Williams was honoured with the Hollywood Legacy Award at the American Black Film Festival Honors. He recently shared a video from February’s ceremony of his long time friend and co-star, Harrison Ford.

“I was so touched by the tribute from my dear friend #HarrisonFord,” wrote Williams.

“How you doing tonight? I hope you’re having a good time, you deserve this, my friend,” Ford’s video tribute begins. “This is a very prestigious award. You’ve won a lot of those, but I’m sure this one is special to you.”

Ford went on to list some of Williams’ greatest attributes. “I just wanted to say that how much working with you was a pleasure. A revelation. Your vision, your precision, and your professionalism, what you brought to the character, the ideas that you had, a pretty package, my man. Beautiful.”

Williams will be back on screen as Lando Calrissian in Episode IX — we can’t wait!