Geeks Comic Con, Salisbury, UK – May 12th, 2018

City Hall, Salisbury, UK played host to Geeks Comic Convention with many enthusiastic costumers and traders gathering for a fun day in a city that has been in the press for very different reasons. As a roving reporter for Jedi News I went along to see the Milton Keynes Garrison (MK Garrison or MKG for short) trooping, and to meet two actors from the original trilogy in Paul Blake (Greedo) and Alan Harris (Bossk). Alan and Paul were very obliging and along with the members of the MKG, they all kindly lined up for a group picture together.

The MKG were in attendance to raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. The MKG are currently seeking new recruits to swell their ranks of 61 members. Are you interested in helping out? Please visit their Facebook page or website to find out more about the MKG and their current fundraising activities.

As well as these Star Wars guests the event was attended by Ian McNiece and Simon Fisher-Becker from Doctor Who, along with Chris Barrie and Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf. There was also a healthy turnout of Daleks, Apes from Planet of the Apes, Predators and a special appearance from Groot.

If you are looking for your first experience of a Comic Con this would be the perfect place to start. The event boasts a wide range of traders from merchandise, figures both old and new, and an array of jewellery and clothing for all tastes. The event was well run and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, but for next year a few more cosplayers would boost the event. This comes down to word of mouth and obviously with more and more events popping up, everyone is spread thinly. It has already been announced that Geeks will be returning to Salisbury on the 6th July 2019, so put the date in your diary and get those costumes sorted.

Good luck everyone for next year, hope to see you there!