Galaxy’s Edge Visible Due To Hurricane Irma

Rachel Paige, writing over at Yahoo, takes a look at the Disney World preparations for the fast approaching Hurricane Irma, preparations which by necessity have meant construction fence scrims have had to be removed, to reveal small portions of Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney World has already started preparing for torrential rain and high winds. Things that can be bolted down have been bolted down, and things that are likely to blow away in the gusts of wind — like say, a fence and a tarp — have been removed. This means that many of the construction walls around Star Wars Land have come down. And this means we can see the outskirts of Star Wars Land, and yes please.

Work over at Hollywood Studios is chugging right along, and the area outside of Star Wars Land — or fine, Galaxy’s Edge — is being remodelled. Gone are the Streets of America, and say hello to Disney’s latest addition, Grand Avenue. Our friends over at WDW News Today captured some video of the new area, and even though it’s only maybe like 70% done, it looks gorgeous.

Not much of a reveal, given how much we’ve already seen on that amazing 50 foot wide model at D23, but a small pointer to how far along the construction is right now.