Galaxy’s Edge Video: Creating The Topography For The Planet Batuu

Scott Trowbridge, the Portfolio Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, posted the following video segment over on the Disney Parks Blog today offering some insight on the work that went into creating the landscape and terrain featured on the planet Batuu.

One of the incredible things about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that visitors to the planet Batuu admire is the amazing landscape and rockwork throughout the land. When we set out to make a real place in the Star Wars galaxy with its own unique geography, we came up with a planet that thousands of years ago was covered by giant trees, many of them thousands of feet tall. Although it is not quite known what happened to these trees over the centuries, over time they became the petrified spires that dominate the landscape today. Black Spire Outpost even takes its name from one such spire, darker than all the rest and located in the center of the outpost.

It takes a talented team to create the more than 200,000 square feet of amazing artificial rockwork throughout the land. Zsolt Hormay is a creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering with many years of design experience and oversees the teams that have built some of the amazing landmarks of Disney’s theme parks including Typhoon Lagoon, the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Cadillac Mountain Range of Cars Land and the otherworldly look of Pandora- The World of Avatar. Zsolt and his team of talented international artists brought their level of craftmanship and artistry to Batuu.

I asked Zsolt to answer a few questions about what it takes not only for his team to create this beautiful rockwork, but also about the themed finishes on the buildings in the land that give Black Spire Outpost and the rest of the planet their distinctive look.

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