Galaxy’s Edge: Concept Art For Resistance Supply Shop & First Order Cargo Shop

Two new pieces of concept art highlighting shopping areas from the development of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge have come to light courtesy of this post on Milner’s Blog. Check them out below (click each image for a larger view) and be sure to browse through the Related Articles section located at the bottom of this post for more on Galaxy’s Edge including previously-released pieces of concept art.

Resistance Supply

Rendezvous with other Resistance allies in a forested area near the ancient ruins. There, members of the Resistance have set up a secret makeshift post where you can join the cause to defeat the First Order. Stock up on essential gear and supplies so you’re prepared for your next mission, wherever it may take you.

First Order Cargo

The First Order has recently arrived in Black Spire Outpost in pursuit of the Resistance. Report for duty and make your way to Docking Bay 9 where the First Order has set up a temporary post next to their shuttle to win the hearts and minds of the locals. Browse for gear and other products to show your support for the First Order.

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