Jedi News reader Nick Moreau explored Fan Expo Canada on Friday, looking for Star Wars. The third largest convention in North America by attendance, the four-day event coincided with Force Friday, and played host on Saturday to the world premiere of the fourth season opener of Star Wars: Rebels with a Q&A session.

The convention’s #HasbroStore offered Canadians a chance to purchase a variety of products, in particular the exclusives last seen at San Diego Comic Con.

Star Wars Made Easy author Christian Blauvelt launched his book at the convention, taking questions and playing a “two truths and a lie” trivia game with the audience.

Blauvelt expressed a strong vote of confidence in the staff at Lucasfilm in taking the franchise forward, citing their knowledge and passion, and drive to tell “great stories”. “With this book, the way I was able to put some of my own voice into it, some of my own humour, I really think it is a reflection of me. They didn’t try to tone it down at time, they didn’t try to ‘oh, we can’t talk about that’, there was none of that. It was an amazing experience.”

With new films and shows coming out constantly, one audience member asked whether there’d be revised editions eventually. Throwing the question over, publisher DK Canada’s rep joked “job for life.”

Surprisingly, his first piece of Star Wars merchandise wasn’t a toy, but the Star Wars Technical Manual (1995). His next item was an Ewok stuffed toy from the Endor Vendor at Disney-MGM Studios.

DK Canada was selling all their current Star Wars and pop culture titles at a booth in the show.

Pretty much a prerequisite for holding a con these days is the 501st Legion, and as reported previously in a Databurst From The 501st, the Garrison Fortresse Impériale and Garrison Excelsior were in attendance. Continuously topping themselves, the group brought an animatronic Jabba the Hutt to the event, complete with Salacious B. Crumb.

Members of the R2 Builders Club and Rebel Legion helped out at the booth, with Ahsoka Tano as the camera person for Jabba at one point. Astrometric droids included R2-KT, bringing awareness of pediatric cancer to the event.

In the “Star Wars Masks, Costume & Prop Workshop”, the varied panel included a Porgs maker. She compared to Ewoks, “but less murderous, hopefully.” She previously would travel around with a BB-8, “150 pounds of solid metal: I don’t want to do that anymore.” She brought a basic Porg, explaining that it was made of Styrofoam, foam, clay, resin, and silicate, covered in fur. She has a second Porg of more advance construction, left unexplained. When the panel talked about constructing costumes from scratch or from kits, one mentioned a Boba Fett costume made from a garbage can.

Out on the show floor, Jedi News encountered Sabine of Star Wars: Rebels, Jawas and Tusken Raiders on a Viking boat, and R2-M0, among others.

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