Alan Harris Attending London Film & Comic Con This Month

Alan Harris, Bossk in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, will be attending London Film & Comic Con at Olympia later this month.

See Alan alongside a plethora of other Star Wars guests at the London show between 26th and 28th July at Olympia.

Here is the current complete list of Star Wars guests attending the show — Tony Allen, Derek Arnold, Ross Beadman, Paul Blake, Andy Bradford, John Cannon, Michael Carter, Derek Chafer, Hayden Christensen, David Church, Jonathan Cohen, Gary Erskine, Alan Fernandes, Terry Francis, Vic Gallucci, Kieron Gillen, Julian Glover, Grant Hall, Alan Harris, Guy Henry, Jessica Henwick, Ron Hone, Peter House, Jason Isaacs, Steve Ismay, Erin Kellyman, Dan Mays, Ian McDiarmid, Quentin Pierre, Katie Purvis, David Roach, Eileen Roberts, Pam Rose, Peter Ross, Andy de la Tour, Peter Serafinowicz, Will Sliney, Tony Smart, Bill Westley, Billy Dee Williams, Corey Dee Williams and Ian Whyte.