Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has spoken about the upcoming Star Wars park attractions, commonly referred to as Star Wars Land to the D23 website.

The creative minds at Walt Disney Imagineering are hard at work creating another world, or perhaps we should say a galaxy far, far, away…As Bob told D23, “We’re challenging ourselves to be as ambitious as possible with the development of the Star Wars-themed lands. We know the playbook in terms of how to make a ‘land’ and how to make an attraction. But incumbent with moving forward, is challenging ourselves to make it bigger and better than even sometimes we could have dreamed. I think the key word for me for the Star Wars lands that will distinguish them from everything else, with the unbelievable attractions we’re going to have, is the word ‘immersive.’” Disney fans feel that immersion when entering a land like Cars Land, but Bob feels the new Star Wars-themed lands will take that one step further: “Every element of that land will be in story.”

Destination D guests were the first to see what the Star Wars-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will look like at night in the stunning image seen above. A sharp-eyed Star Wars fan will notice the distinct details that will bring this land to life, including one of the signature attractions that lets you take the controls of the Millennium Falcon.

While we wait for this unbelievable land to arrive in this galaxy, Bob also shared that a new adventure will be added to Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, based on elements of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 8.