Disneyland Paris’ Season of the Force Has Begun

The much anticipated Season of the Force has begun at Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park this weekend and it looks like a great experience for European Star Wars fans to enjoy.
The highlight of DLP’s Season of the Force is the new ‘Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration‘ nighttime spectacular which is projected onto the 199ft tall Tower of Terror attraction.

The folks over at Endor Express were at a preview last week and have posted some technical details.

“For this all to happen, a lot of work had to be done, ranging from smaller things like a new parade route, to moving trees by the landscaping department. Of course, basic necessities like electricity had to be provided everywhere for the 80 light elements. Adding effects like lasers fireworks, smoke machines, flamethrowers, CO2 sprays only make things more complex. And let’s not forget the 5.1 mixing that will happen. In fact, all over the Production Courtyard hidden speakers have been added to create the feeling of 360° sound.”

“The biggest addition to the park is a completely new show building housing the 16 powerful projectors, which are powered by 8 media servers, and the entire team in charge of the show. Sitting between Cinémagique and the Disney Channel building.”

If you visit the park (or want to see folks enjoying themselves) make sure to tag your stormtrooper photobombs and selfies on Instagram or Twitter with #FaceTheForce for a chance to see yourself on the LED screens.