Over at Endor Express Kris Van de Sande takes a look at how the infamous Rebel spy is chosen on each Star Tours adventure.

The biggest interactive feature of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is the addition of a Rebel spy. During the first encounter with Darth Vader, or the Imperial Prowler Droid, a pictures of one of your fellow passengers gets shown on the screen, branded as a Rebel Spy, wanted by the Empire. It’s a moment that often gets a lot of attention, which can mix between pretty awesome as awkward, like an entire restaurant singing along when they bring in the birthday cake. But I think this analogy perfectly sums up the difference between America and Europe.

But how does one become the Rebel Spy? And when do they take your picture?

First of all, we can reveal now to you that it never has been a random selection. And for the first time, here are some exclusive images showing you the process.

Head on over to Endor Express and check it out.

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