Celebration Anaheim 2015: Exclusive MintInBox.net Series Of Ralph McQuarrie Artwork

Now this is exceptionally cool and about as high up the must-have ladder as you can get. Our fellow The Force United teammates over at Mint In Box have posted details on their Celebration Anaheim 2015 exclusive that pays homage to the iconic work of the one and only Ralph McQuarrie. Over to MIB (translated)…

As you know Mintinbox will be attend to Star Wars Celebration with a booth in the fan area for the first time outside Europe.

Of course we will have gifts with us for the visitors ! We will distribute an exclusive new series of 4 artworks in the memory of the great Ralph McQuarrie, designed by our favorite artist “KOSEPT” aka Sebastien Lasnon.

Every day a new artwork will be available on our booth to be able to assemble them into a big piece of artwork (see below).

Warning ! The quantities are limited and we are expecting many of you on our booth.

Soon for more information…

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