Building A Three-Quarter Scale X-wing

Most of us have projects on the go, be they written, artistic, practical or in this case, flippin’ enormous.

Dave Taylor is building a 3/4 scale X-wing, to be installed at the Victoria Shopping Centre in Southend next weekend. In this, the first of a three-part series, The Bearded Trio caught up with Dave to discuss the genesis of the project.

Last year you may remember a giant AT-AT appearing in a back garden, well this year a ¾ size X-Wing fighter is set to ‘crash land’ in an Essex shopping centre.

The design force is with Dave Taylor from Westcliff-on-Sea who is recreating the iconic Star Wars spaceship 40 years  after its first appearance in the original Star Wars (I know, Episode IV: A New Hope, but to people of a certain age it’s still just plain old Star Wars).

And he’s creating it one bit at a time and the constructing it like a huge 3D jigsaw the day before it is unveiled on Saturday 30 September at the Victoria Shopping Centre in Southend-on-Sea.