Best Places to Visit in London During Vacations (non-Star Wars)

London is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, with some amazing fun places to visit all over the capital. Unfortunately, Pinewood and Elstree Studios are closed to the public so we have listed some other unusual places to visit in the capital of Britain. So, get ready to the unexpected journey.

1. Immerse into the magical world of Harry Potter

All the Harry Potter films based on the original books have already been released, but the some of the scenery remains intact. Everyone can visit them during the tour at the Warner Bros Studios. There is Hagrid’s motorcycle, a giant spider Aragog more than 5m wide, film costumes and much more. Visitors can walk along the set of Diagon Alley, view the dining room table at Hogwarts, view the books on the shelves in Dumbledore’s office and walk the set of Gringott’s Bank. The main exhibit is a Hogwarts model at 1:24 scale. A children’s ticket costs £21, an adult one £28.

2. Visit the Escape Rooms

There are quite a lot of topics available in various escape rooms in London. Horror and scientific quests are the most exciting. There are also mystical stories and quests for parents with children. Start searching from, which is one of the best escape rooms in London.

3. Taste Wine at “The Sampler”

The Sampler is a shop bar on Old Brampton Road, where you can buy wine to go or just to try it there. This is a good institution because it makes elite drinks available to the masses. Here you can order a small portion of wine for 30 pence only. Drinks to go cost from £10 to £200.

4. Go down to Churchill’s bunker

There is a military point in Westminster left since the Second World War times. It was used for monitoring the operational situation. During the war, Winston Churchill was giving the orders directly from there. The bunker remained the same as it was in August 1945. The personal British Prime Minister items are still stored here: the phones, documents, and even the cigars.

5. Look at the closing of the Tower

The Keys Ceremony is a traditional ritual in which keepers close the Tower of London. It happens every night for 700 years. Tourists are allowed to attend the ceremony for free. This event is popular, so coming to the Tower is better in advance. For some dates, places should be booked a few months in advance.

6. Welcome new residents of Madame Tussauds

Wax figures of William and Kate, the count and countess of Cambridge appeared in Madame Tussauds’ museum on Baker Street. They look exactly like the day their engagement was announced. You can also look at sports stars, musicians, politicians and other celebrities. The entrance ticket costs £30.

7. Follow the way of Jack the Ripper

Much time has passed since the mysterious Jack the Ripper brutally killed five women. It happened in 1888. The crime scene is concentrated in Whitechapel, in a small corner of the East End. Today, there are guided tours and one can hear various horror stories about the legendary killer during them.

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