Amy Ratcliffe On Hosting Behind-The-Scenes Stage At Star Wars Celebration

Amy Ratcliffe, who will be returning as host of the Behind-the-Scenes stage at next year’s Star Wars Celebration Chicago, talks about the process she goes through when preparing for this role in her latest article on Amy recalls her experiences at past Celebrations and pulls back the curtain a bit on how this particular segment of Star Wars Celebration is produced. Check out the intro to her article copied below and then take the supplied source link for the full read.

Feel free to also check out the interview we recently conducted with Amy right here.

Oh, and speaking of Celebration Chicago 2019, tickets for Sunday and Monday (priced at $75 each) still remain as of the time of this posting, so secure yours today if you haven’t done so already.

To be in a room with thousands of Star Wars fans is to connect to a living spark, a spark so strong that it would fuel millions of lights if it could be captured and turned into energy. And to be in that same room when Star Wars news drops? It’s like being part of an elated wave. The resulting rush will do more to get you through the day than any amount of caffeine. That experience is what it’s like to attend panels and interviews at Star Wars Celebration, and to host a stage is that experience times one hundred.

I’m honored to host the Behind-the-Scenes stage, first at Star Wars Celebration Europe, then at Celebration Orlando, and soon at Celebration Chicago.

But what’s it really like to host a stage at Celebration? Challenging. Thrilling. Nerve-wracking. Those are a few words that spring immediately into my mind. My stage fright never goes away, not really. But being surrounded by Star Wars fans emanating excitement for whatever panel they’re at the stage to see makes my anxiety soften, and even if I’m on stage hosting a panel, I feel like I’m in the crowd taking it all in — kind of like a weird, out-of-body experience.