Amor LEGO Exhibition Live Build – Event Report

Himley Hall, Dudley, UK was the venue for the ‘Amor LEGO Exhibition Live Build’ on Saturday 21st July 2018. At 11am the doors opened to the Star Wars main theme and Imperial troops filed out to form a guard of honour for a lone rebel pilot to present a LEGO UCS Y-Wing to Amor for him to build.

It was a great start to the launch event which was attended by over 500 people. Star Wars fans came from far and wide to meet their favourite characters, tour the exhibition and to watch Amor complete his build.

A surprise visit from the Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley was greatly received. The Mayor took time out from his busy schedule to attend the event, which was raising funds for his selected charities. He spent time admiring the exhibition, posed for photographs with the troopers, Team Jedi News and personally thanked all those who had organised and given up their time to put on the event.

A grand total of £153 was raised in only 3 hours. This was raised from donations, the sale of commemorative badges and entries into a prize draw. The prize draw winners were;

Alan Howles: Afternoon tea for 2 at Himley Hall – Donated by Himley Hall & Park
Arran Urwin: DK Star Wars: Year by Year – Donated by The Works, Wolverhampton
Steve Hockell: Poe Dameron with Speeder Bike – Donated by Arcade Toy Shop, Dudley
Jon Griffiths: Millennium Falcon t-shirt and prints – Donated by Jedi News
Alison Davison: £15 voucher – Donated by The Entertainer, Wolverhampton
Joy Blakeman: Star Wars colouring set – Donated by Jedi News

After around 7 hours building over the 2 days and with numerous helpers (and hinderers!), Amor finally completed the build at 3:30pm on day 2. The completed UCS Y-Wing was then added to the display and now sits in pride of place amongst his exhibition.

The event even made the front page of the Express and Star and has also been featured on the Dudley News website.

On a personal note and on behalf of Jedi News, I would like to thank the Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley, Dudley Council and Himley Hall for their hospitality and for being such generous hosts. Thanks also goes to LEGO for supplying the UCS Y-Wing for the build and the West Midlands Garrison for arranging a troop at such short notice and bringing smiles to so many faces, young and old! I dare not miss out the other members of the Jedi News team who helped with the event. Mark and Jason for their help on the day and although he couldn’t attend, James for his support, sterling work with LEGO and badge making expertise!

And finally, the whole weekend wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Amor Lamine and his exhibition. A huge thank you from Jedi News to Amor and his wife Jane for inviting us along to help launch the event. The words “let’s do it all again” were heard to be uttered, and my answer was, “let’s see what we can do!”.

Although the Live Build is over, the exhibition is still open daily, until 22nd September 2018! During the summer holidays, please take time to visit the exhibition when you are in the area. Please check the Himley Hall & Park website for opening times and to see what else this wonderful venue has to offer.