Vectis Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

Vectis have two large auctions later this month on the 24th and 25th May.  Forget May the 4th, every fan knows that May the 25th is Star Wars Day!  I was lucky enough to pop into Vectis to see what they had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed.

On the 24th they have a lot of modern Star Wars items for auction.  This is the first time I have seen boxes of 3.75” Black Series figures but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There will be a lot of modern lots which should be listed in the next few days.

Although I collect a lot of modern items, it is the vintage area where my true passion lies and I have a few items here for highlight.

There are a lot of boxed items in this auction including Italian stickered products, Clipper items and Palitoy.  Above is the photograph of a brand spanking new AT-AT!  All of the parts are still sealed in their baggies including those often missing chin guns.  Why didn’t I own one as a child?

A lot of carded figures from Palitoy 20bks all the way up to trilogo will suit a range of budgets.

I must admit, with the quality of the items going through Vectis recently I barely glanced at the carded Vinyl Cape Jawa.  In reality, this is a stellar piece and would be the crown jewel in most collections.  It was also nice to see some very nice condition Palitoy 41bks, although no R5-D4 yet.

My knowledge of posters is poor.  As I don’t have the room to display them I have not put as much effort into researching them as I should have done.  That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them though.  The poster above is iconic and was created by British illustrator Tom Chantrell.  Another one was a Hildebrandt poster signed by both of the Hildebrandt brothers and looks fantastic in its custom display case.

For oddball (a term used for non-action figure products) collectors there are a lot of items which I haven’t seen before such as The Revenge of the Jedi Admiral Ackbar and Klaatu plastic aprons.

Or perhaps Action Transfers are more your thing?

For collectors with deeper pockets then I can’t see the Governor Koong die or prototype Kleb Zellock coin going cheap.  Who’d have thought that these items from a failed line could command more money than the majority of licensed products from the main Star Wars run!

I was also privileged to see 16 Test Shot Costume Photos of Slave Leia, Vader, Chewbacca and others.  Unfortunately I was unable to take photographs of those items but the quality of them was fantastic and I’d like to see more.

One thing for sure is that this is one of the most widely appealing auctions for all types of collectors and I’m hoping to pick up a bargain or two on the true Star Wars Day.  Good luck and share your purchases with us.

Photos © Richard Hutchinson, Vectis Auction House