On a visit to my local Toys R Us I found the 30th Anniversary Collection poster, in a ‘Please Take One’ holder in the Star Wars section. The poster features all 60 basic figures that will include the collector coins, and a checklist naming them all.

This poster features the Toys R Us logo above the checklist, which was not on the version given away by Hasbro at Celebration Europe.

UPDATED!!! – In true Blue Peter style here’s one I ‘picked’ up earlier!  The poster is folded into twelves (one twelfth shown) unlike the Celebration Europe version that was only folded into threes.

Graham’s collection has grown much beyond the original trilogy figures and Lego to include many of Hasbro’s new lines, as well as items from almost all of the different licencees and many promotional display stands. He regularly attends events across the UK.

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