In a quick update from the post we released yesterday we have heard some positive news related to the female stars of Star Wars Rebels.

Yesterday, Jason Ward (Making Star Wars) and I were fighting very loudly on Twitter and on his website for Hasbro to make sure they were releasing Hera and Sabine action figures. It rubbed us the wrong way that the only figures announced were male characters. Many people told us we should just wait and they would for sure announce them eventually but that was not good enough for us. We both felt that the marketing approach they were taking and gearing it to boys only was only upholding the stereotype that Star Wars is for boys only.

Since we released that article on Making Star Wars and here on Jedi News we have heard from our inside sources that a Hera and Sabine action figure are coming. We have also heard that they may be moving up at least one or both of them in the timeline for release. So while this is not set in stone it seems they are paying attention to what we are saying on the internet.

I would like to thank Jason for having my back in this fight against the gender divide in toys and I hope we get to see these figures soon as well as their official character reveals. This is one small step or one small victory in the fight.