The new wave of the Black Series 6″ figures has hit Asda shelves here in the UK. Our pal Steve ‘thesithlord229’ Allsopp found them in a Sheffield branch of Asda for £21.97 each.

Han Solo, Jango Fett, FN2187 and Flametrooper. Go get them before they’re gone.

UPDATE: An update to this story, we were contacted by Paul Fowles from the Wirral who told us he’d found these at an even better price.

Just wonder if you were interested in an update on the Finn Stormtrooper/Han Solo wave, as you article doesn’t mention a reduction in price. After seeing your article I went to my local ASDA today where they had them now for £16.00 each. I was able to get the whole of this wave, plus Captain Phasma. My Location is Wirral.