Here’s the Jedi News final top 20 of collated votes for the Star Wars Fans’ Choice poll for a 6-inch scale figure for The Black Series (voting closed at noon).

We had votes for 152 different characters over the last week and the top 6 will be passed on to Hasbro so they can be collated with the other sites that took part. The top 6 have remained the same since the start of our poll, and our winner Darth Revan beat the Gamorrean Guard by just three votes!  Six of the final top 20 characters are from Legends, including our winner, Darth Revan.  We don’t know what Hasbro will have to say about the Max Rebo Band (as a three pack or deluxe), so if they exclude this we’ll either suggest Max Rebo by himself or promote Sabine to position 6 – we’ll let you know what they say.

  1. Darth Revan
  2. Gamorrean Guard
  3. Ahsoka – The Clone Wars (Second Outfit)
  4. Asajj Ventress – Dark Disciple Bounty Hunter
  5. Emperor’s Royal Guard
  6. Max Rebo Band (Sy, Droopy and Max)
  7. Sabine Wren (with/without helmet)
  8. Obi-Wan Kenobi – Episode IV
  9. Imperial Snowtrooper
  10. Mara Jade – Heir to the Empire
  11. Lando Calrissian – Skiff Guard
  12. Grand Admiral Thrawn
  13. Starkiller – The Force Unleashed
  14. Cad Bane
  15. Captain Rex – Phase II
  16. Jaxxon
  17. Princess Leia Episode IV
  18. Chopper
  19. Darth Talon
  20. Plo Koon

Thanks for voting here and don’t forget that launching at 5pm (GMT) on 2nd July at will be the final voting stage where you can choose your favourite from all the Star Wars fan sites taking part. The winning character will be announced at Hasbro’s Star Wars panel on 10th July at San Diego Comic-Con International.