Topps Star Wars Now! The Mandalorian Series 1: Chapter 1 5-Card Pack

Celebrate the release of The Mandalorian, Series 1: Chapter 1, with this 5-Card set from Topps Now commemorating this first episode on Disney+. The set is available now for $19.99 from the Topps US site, and also from the UK site for £16.00.

Commemorate Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s first season with TOPPS NOW®!

TOPPS NOW celebrates the greatest moments… as they happen! Only available at Print runs for every pack pack are released in the Star Wars: The Mandalorian TOPPS NOW Archive.

Episode 1 Subject List:

• Mythrol Discovers He is Wanted
• The Razor Crest Attacked
• The Mandalorian Draws his Weapon
• Kuiil Leads the Way
• IG-11 is After the Bounty

You have around five days left to order this first set from The Mandalorian, so go get them now — happy hunting!

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