Today’s trading card in the Topps Countdown To Solo: A Star Wars Story series is now available for purchase. Set among a prominent blue hue, we see a group of human characters (prisoners? soldiers?) staring towards something off in the distance. Are they waiting for instructions from a higher being or something else entirely?

You can order the trading card right here.

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS… Introducing Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story featuring exciting new imagery! Check back daily for a new card every weekday leading up until the premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story…

Product Specs:

– 1 Trading Card
– 24 Hours Only
– Ships in 3-5 Business Days After Countdown Clock Ends

Pricing Info:

1 CARD = $9.99
5 CARDS = $29.99 ($5.99 Per Card)
10 CARDS = $49.99 ($4.99 Per Card)
20 CARDS = $79.99 ($3.99 Per Card)