Topps Announce Launch Of Star Wars Rogue One Stickers

Rogue One is heading in fast and along with it come such fun releases as Topps sticker album. Here’s all the info.

Topps, the UK’s leading collectibles company, is proud to announce the launch of its brand new Star Wars sticker collection for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After successfully launching Rogue One collectible cards in October, Topps returns with the very first sticker collection for the anthology film. The latest Star Wars film follows a brand new adventure in a galaxy far away where a band of dangerous yet heroic Rebels attempt to steal the plans to the Death star: a moon-sized battle station with the power to destroy worlds

With Over 200 collectable stickers solely dedicated to Rogue One, the new Topps collection is packed full with never-before-seen characters, vehicles, planets and creatures of the galaxy. In support of the film’s highly anticipated release on 16th December, Star Wars fans and collectors can get their hands on Rogue One stickers the very same day

Collectors can also explore the vehicles of the Galactic Civil War, and delve into the history of the Empire and the Rebellion in Topps’ remarkable new 40-page collection. The official sticker collection incorporates icons such as the X-wing and Stormtroopers whilst introducing new characters such as Jyn Erso and Director Krennic, making this a collection for long-time fans of Star Wars and those new to the intergalactic fandom

Star Wars has a rich heritage which carries through into the sticker collection, making it a must have product for any fan. Each and every packet of Rogue One stickers will also include one foil sticker per packet

Louise Ramplin, Entertainment Marketing Manager at Topps, comments: “We’re really excited for the latest sticker collection in our Star Wars portfolio. Following the huge success and popularity of our Rogue One trading cards, we’re confident the official sticker collection will be yet another force amongst both Topps fans and movie goers alike.”

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