When word came out that Hasbro’s 2013 Legacy Collection/Droid Factory line was canceled, one question on action figure collectors’ minds was “what was Hasbro planning to do to bring instead?” Of course, we now know the answer is that most of the figures planned for the line will be part of The Black Series…but at one point, there were plans to simply continue on with The Vintage Collection!

Picking up right where the numbering left off in 2012, here is a look at what would have been figures #116 through 139. This includes the initial wave of figures that were meant to tie into the theatrical release of Attack of the Clones, plus the announced mixed wave that includes characters from across the saga. The Build-A-Droids would also have been released “fully assembled” as well. As for the figures that were removed from the line…since these were mostly repacks and repaints (and a few had already been included as part of The Vintage Collection), these have been replaced with other figures that were in production, plus a few fan-favorites!  Check out the full gallery below.      

Vintage is back, baby!