On Monday morning, we were invited to come back to the Seven20 booth at Toy Fair NY to grab some photos of their new Star Wars products that were on display. We had visited their booth the day before, but time constraints did not permit us the opportunity to take photography at that time. Words cannot adequately describe the diverse collection of Star Wars products that were on display in their booth. Seven20 truly has something for everyone in their product line, with their new collection of outdoor Adirondack chairs (job well done by James as our chair tester) and an R2-D2 shaped smoker being at the absolute top of my (Justin’s) wish list.

We were also treated to a sneak peek behind closed doors at some brilliant products themed around May’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, of which photography was strictly prohibited. We dare not even speak of what we saw!

Photography was authorized to be taken of only a select group of items. In fact, in order to avoid us mistakenly photographing any of their products that were not authorized for photos, a Seven20 representative actually took all of the photos provided in the image gallery below for us. She went around to each area and arranged the Star Wars items in her desired display pattern and then snapped away. When she was finished taking the photos, she went through each and every photo to verify nothing was captured in the background that should not have been. The images included below are only a small fraction of what was actually on display at their booth.

You will be seeing quite a bit from Seven20 here at Jedi News in the future, so for now, enjoy the images from their Toy Fair NY booth below and start saving up those republic credits now.

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