Our friend in the The Force United Paul Harrison over at Jedi Temple Archives did a Q+A with Hasbro at Toy Fair 2014 and came up with some amazing news that will shape part of the future of the toys line up.

10 bits of info:

1- There is STILL a Princess Leia Organa action figure coming in The Black Series, and it is likely going to be from The Empire Strikes Back.

Click here for the full list of reveals and 9 other bits of info.

I am excited to provide exclusive Jedi Temple Archives content on some upcoming Hasbro Star Wars items that will be coming our way and likely confirmed at San Diego Comic Con, if not sooner. Although I feel we provided our readers with some cool coverage from NY Toy Fair this year, I wanted to give you something more…. anticipatory, for lack of a better word. If you see these details posted anywhere else, they were lifted from my conversations directly with Hasbro (except for one and you’ll know which one that is shortly). I essentially “lowered” myself and “begged” to various staff at Hasbro and pleaded to have them give me something I could take back to our loyal readership. Would you believe they actually gave me some stuff to share? (Or maybe that was the top secret stuff I was to keep under the vest…. I don’t know.) I guess I should preface this with “Until you hear it from Hasbro take it with a grain of salt” but why at this point? It seems as if all of our rumors come true and with just a few exceptions, this “hack” site is providing content that is just at the forefront of what readers want to hear. No gimmicks, no buying Fakebook fans, no hijinks. We hope you enjoy this special set of details of what “may” be coming down the pike shortly. Click through for more.