Star Wars Command has just been announced at Hasbro’s reveal here at the Times Centre in New York.  We’ll have pictures and more info later.

This is a brand new product coming from Hasbro aimed at boys between 6 and 12.  Hasbro spent a lot of time testing this market place and have come up with a set of products that match the play pattern of boys this age.  We’ve seen a sizzle real explaining the different gameplay and how Hasbro expect this new product to work.  This new product was shown to select accounts at the UK Toy Fair.

The figures are 2” tall, unpainted and feature no articulation; they come on a stand and my initial reaction was the Star Wars Unleashed miniature line from a few years ago.  To keep things relatively simple each faction has its own colour – brown for Ewoks and Wookiees, white for Stormtrooper and Clones.  Jedi characters are silver and feature their respective coloured lightsaber blade whilst Sith are painted gold with red coloured lightsabers.  The figures can be attached to small spring loaded vehicles that can be launched into opposing armies.  The vehicles are all unpainted too and come in light grey or tan (they could be painted as required though).  We were impressed with all the sculpts and detail.

Two larger vehicles will also be available – the Millennium Falcon and the Star Destroyer which feature infra-red Jedi and Sith powers that launch spring loaded vehicles in random ways.  These will be priced at £24.99 and £49.99 respectively in the UK.  We were very impressed with these vehicles when we saw them at the UK Toy Fair especially at what you get for your money.

Each set comes with a minimum of 9 figures allowing you to build your army quickly.  Sets include Battle Packs (£4.99), Versus Packs (£9.99), Invasion Packs (£14.99) and Epic Assault Pack (£19.99).  At these price points it will be easy and readily affordable to build your armies.

This line will also feature characters and vehicles from Star Wars Rebels.