SWCA: Celebration Orlando 2017 Fan Swag Round Up: Part 2

Amy Sjoberg brings us her second look at the fan made treats available at Celebration Orlando next week.

There has been a lot of chatter online since our first installment. One thing we can all agree on is that fan made items are free and not to be sold. We can also expect to see more swag than we have ever seen at a Star Wars Celebration before. The word has gotten out and the amount of free pins and other tokens has exploded. I will admit defeat for the first time ever and wave the white flag now — there is just no way I would have been able to compile it all into a comprehensive checklist. If you want that, head on over to the SWCO Swag group on Facebook.

I’ve decided to instead focus on the clever and collectible-themed items that people have shared since the last post. Here are some highlights that you can expect to see swapped around the Collecting Track area just a few days from now. It’s so close I can almost smell it…

Matt Booker
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