Our good friends over at Brickset.com have just launched a new LEGO Star Wars contest, here’s Chris to explain the details….

The LEGO Star Wars theme is now in its seventeenth year and over 500 sets have been released in that time but there are still a range of vehicles and locations which LEGO has yet to produce, or has not done so for some time. This year Brickset published a series of ‘What’s Missing?‘ articles which explored the possibilities for these absent sets and we concluded each article with three suggestions for models which might be released in the future.

Now it’s your chance to turn some of these ideas into reality in our Star Wars ‘What’s Missing?’ building competition!

Imagine you are part of the LEGO Star Wars design team. You have been given some ideas for sets to design and a price point to aim for in each case. We would like you to choose one idea from the list below and build your vision of the set as though you were designing it as an official LEGO set for worldwide release.

Take the link here for all the details on how to enter, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!