This just in from Mark at Star Wars Authentics….

More exciting news from Star Wars Authentics to share – Star Wars Rebels Season 4 photos are live on the site!

Here’s the link to the collection of over 70 new photos. Newly added official photos include: –

• Kanan (including his final moment)
• Sabine sporting her new hair color
• Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorians including Sabine’s family
• Our first shots of Ruhk, Captain Seever and Ryder Azadi
• More of Thrawn and Governor Pryce
• The Emperor (as played by Ian McDiarmid!)
• Shots from the finale including ‘Final Form Sabine’ and ‘Final Form Ahsoka’ !!!

And don’t forget we just added Star Wars Rebels Season 3 photos last week.

We now have over 250 official photos from Star Wars Rebels spanning all four seasons and we plan to keep adding to list throughout the year!

See the full range from Rebels here.

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Thanks and MTFBWY!

Happy hunting!