Star Wars Rebels Disney Store Hasbro Sneak Preview

Star Wars Rebels Hasbro Sneak Peek Star Wars Rebels Hasbro Sneak Peek Star Wars Rebels Hasbro Sneak Peek

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with lots of Star Wars announcements: from Disney Store exclusive toys, Episode VII cast announcements, the fate of the Expanded Universe…but what about the action figures?

Worry not, thanks to a special sneak preview event in Glendale, CA…we have a first look at the Hasbro action figure lineup for Saga Legends and Mission Series. Some of these toys were revealed at Toy Fair, but many of the figures shown here were not revealed to be part of the lineup…until now.

As you will notice on the third photo above, many images are character photo placeholders…and some appear to be repacks…but this should give fans an idea of where the Star Wars Rebels line is heading. More official news won’t hit until closer to San Diego Comic Con in July, so for now these will have to do! 

Dan Curto
Dan Curto is a veteran collecting reporter who reported for between 2002 and 2012. In the podcast world he discussed the state of collecting with James Burns on The ForceCast: Collector's Edition and later on the CurtoBurns Collector's Cast.