With less than a week to go before Toy Fair NY 2015 arrives on the scene at the Javits Center, our fellow The Force United teammates over at Yakface direct our attention towards an exclusive Hasbro children’s game reveal courtesy of Nerdist.

It’s not news to say that Star Wars crosses generations, but it still surprises me. Kids are discovering Star Wars for the first time on a regular basis. The presence of animated series such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels undoubtedly contribute to the galactic education of younglings, but kids also come to Star Wars because of their parents. Fandom is passed down like a beloved heirloom. Manufacturers such as Hasbro realize that and seem to be constantly making new Star Wars products geared towards kids like their brand new Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie game, which we are exclusively revealing today.

The 2-4 player game is the first item from the Hasbro Star Wars line to be released this year. It gives the popular Loopin’ Louie concept a makeover from the galaxy far, far away. Chewbacca fits into a mini Millennium Falcon that swings around the playing area to take out stormtroopers. Players can help Chewie navigate by using controls to swing him into or away from the racks with stormtroopers. With all the spinning and smooth moves, the Millennium Falcon is the perfect choice of ships for the game. Just remember: Let the Wookiee win! It’s for the best.

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