‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Homeware From Funko Europe

Here’s some of the new products coming from Funko Europe over the next couple of months from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (these were posted earlier today on our Facebook page as gallery): –


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…we discovered out of this world Star Wars basic steins! These fantastic steins each feature a gorgeous artistic rendering of the Star Wars Universe. Use the Force to raise a drink with these epic steins, and you’ll be a welcome addition to the Rebellion! Perfect gift for Star Wars fans, movie geeks and sci-fi nerds (like us).

Gold Feel The Force 570ml Basic Stein

Chewbacca & Porg 570ml Basic Stein

BB-8 Roll With It 570ml Basic Stein

Coming to a wine cellar near you, the infamous Star Wars Death Star and BB-8 are set to help you stretch out the last of the Alderaanian summer wine. These iconic metal bottle stoppers measure 4cm by 3cm and feature a rubber grip to create a vacuum seal over your beverage. Care instructions: Try to keep the Rioja out of the thermal exhaust port!

Death Star Gold Bottle Stopper

BB-8 Gold Bottle Stopper

Calling all foodies from the frozen tundra of Hoth to the forest swamps of Dagobah, there right here are modeled on the Porg and First Order BB-9E Unit from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie! These fun and functional cookie jars are a must have for any Star Wars fan or collector! Made of plastic, these cookie jars feature sound effects when the lid is opened or closed.

Porg Cookie Jar

BB-9E Cookie Jar

For an out of this world breakfast experience! Now your favourite Porg can serve you breakfast and deliver your important intergalactic messages, well … okay he can’t actually do that, but we’re serious about the breakfast thing. Rest your egg on Porg’s body. It’s the perfect accessory for a Star Wars breakfast. It is exactly the help you were looking for.

Porg Egg Cup

Get stuck on Star Wars, or get Star Wars stuck on your fridge! Featuring the unmistakable and iconic Porg and the classic Chewbacca this set is an absolute must have for the kitchen of any Star Wars fan!

Chewbacca & Porgs Magnet Set

Brand new versions of the Star Wars universe mugs – highlighting new characters, like Chewbacca, Porg and BB-8, and Exploded View designs of the Star Wars droids. They are made from stoneware and hold 550ml. Perfect gift for Star Wars fans, movie geeks and sci-fi nerds (like us).

Feel The Force (Rebel Logo)

Chewbacca & Porgs

Exploded View BB-8

Exploded View R2-D2

Heat Reveal Mug: The Last Jedi Logo


By utilising some of the galaxy’s finest robotic work, we’ve somehow made cooking dinner that much more exciting! Whether you’re turning a well done Tauntaun steak over a bare lightsaber blade, or pulling a dish of blue milk mac and cheese from the oven, these bad boys will keep your hands safe from the heat. Modelled after a Porg and a First Order BB-9E Unit from the upcoming movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, these fabric oven gloves are kitchenware for a more civilised age.

Porgs (Twin Pack)

First Order BB-9E Unit

Have a drink like a true fan of the smash hit Star Wars franchise! These pint glass sets feature your favourite catchphrases and characters. These great pint glasses will help get your evening of drinking started off right!

Set of 2: Chewbacca & R2-D2

Set of 2: Rule The Galaxy & Feel The Force

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…we discovered this set of awesome Star Wars plates! With four bold designs featuring galactic icons BB-8, R2-D2, Rey, and Luke Skywalker. Sit down to a meal with your favourite characters from the Resistance.
These durable and easy clean melamine plates make the perfect addition to any dinner party, on or off world. Each plate measures 21cm x 21cm.

Star Wars – Plate Set

Commanding an intergalactic super weapon can be a huge responsibili-TEA! These cotton tea towels measure approx 50cm x 70cm.

Set of 2: Droids Exploded View

Set of 2: Sketch

Happy hunting!


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