Star Wars Celebration Europe: LEGO Fan Displays

Lego fan displays local adult fans of Lego (AFOL) from Germany, the Netherlands and other surrounding countries were asked by Lego Europe to create and bring along fan made Lego creations with a Star Wars theme, there’s a stunning range of styles, themes and styles.

My favourite had to be the vintage Star Wars unproduced White Witch from the Droids cartoon. The unproduced Kenner vintage concept toys. AT-AT with ION cannon, Rebel recovery vehicle and he also told us he is working on finishing the Imperial outpost, there was also a stunning collection of beautiful recreations of all you favourite vintage mini rigs in Lego too. Stunning stuff.

Stay tuned as there are many more galleries to follow.

Matt Booker
Matt is the Jedi News Social Media Guru, as well as co-host of the Take Cover podcast on the Jedi News Network. He also has a Boba Fett-ish with one of the largest Fett collections spanning every genre of collecting.