Smugglers Bounty Ending, Going To Retail & Toy Fair Update

This from Funko regarding their Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Subscription Box….

In effort to allow Funko to focus on what they do best – creating unique, quality collectibles, Funko will be discontinuing the subscription offering for the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box on September 15, 2018. Prior to that date, Funko will continue to offer Smuggler’s Bounty boxes on a bi-monthly basis to account holders, but the process is changing.

Have no fear! The boxes aren’t disappearing completely. After the discontinuation date of the subscription offering, Funko will be transitioning the Smuggler’s Bounty collectibles box to retail. Funko will be partnering with an exclusive retailer to deliver the Smuggler’s Bounty box as a retail offering. Stay tuned for upcoming details.

We value your commitment to Funko and to the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription and recognize that this might not be an easy transition for you. Funko has taken great care to curate the best of the Star Wars universe for our collector community. We take pride in the quality and uniqueness of the products we have delivered to you through this service.

We look forward to continuing to excite and delight Star Wars fans with our entire line of Funko products.

Read the full details of how you can get the last few boxes before the current subscription will end on September 15th 2018.

We spoke to Funko about this change at New York Toy Fair earlier this week, and they explained that they are not necessarily geared up to deal with the consumer, and moving the box to an exclusive retailer offers greater opportunities for us as the consumer, and may also open the box up for distribution outside of the US — something fans outside of the US have been asking for. We look forward to more information in due course.