SDCC 2018: Recap From Hasbro ‘Star Wars’ Panel

The Hasbro Star Wars panel took place a short time ago at San Diego Comic-Con and we’ve assembled a listing of the various products revealed during the panel which was streamed live by our friends at SW Action News. Check out the details beneath the embedded Twitter link below and be on the lookout for official Hasbro press assets of these products from Litzky PR to arrive very soon here on Jedi News.

– Congratulated collectors on making the HASLAB Jabba’s Sail Barge initiative a success. Showed photos of The Khetanna on the big screen.
– Highlighted the four Hasbro Star Wars SDCC exclusives.
– Announced that they will be releasing convention exclusives in Europe for the first time (more to come later in the Fall).
– Showed new Micro Force characters/vehicles (Series 5 and 6).
– Showed off their new line of Mighty Muggs.

3.75″ Figure Line

– Tobias Beckett
– Rio Durant
– Han Solo (Mudtrooper)
– Val
– L3-37
– Quay Tolsite
– Walmart exclusive Kessel with Han Solo cardboard playset (less than $50)
– Target exclusive Vandor-1 with Chewbacca cardboard playset (less than $50)

The Black Series

Force FX Lightsabers from Episode I

– Obi-Wan Kenobi
– Mace Windu
– Darth Maul

6″ Figure Line

– Imperial Patrol Trooper
– Rio Durant
– Ezra Bridger with lightsaber and helmet
– Chopper with “blast off” display base

Retailer Exclusives

– GameStop Imperial Shock Trooper helmet
– Disney Store Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton)
– Walgreens General Veers
– Target Moloch
– Target Princess Leia (Bespin Escape)
– Disney Store Zuckuss – originally slated as a TRU exclusive (to be released November 1)

BIG NEWS: A brand new line was announced – The Black Series Archive. It will feature an assortment of “greatest hits” figures from TBS line. All figures in this new line will feature their photo-realistic head sculpting technology for human faces. The first figures in this new blister packed Archive line will be:

– Boba Fett
– Bossk
– IG-88
– Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot)

The Vintage Collection

– Enfys Nest
– Walmart exclusive TIE Fighter
– Scarif Stormtrooper
– Elite Praetorian Guard
– Darth Revan
– Imperial Stormtrooper (Rogue One)
– Lando Calrissian (Solo: A SW Story)
– Death Star Gunner (Rogue One)

BIG NEWS: Photo-realistic technology used in The Black Series line is coming to TVC line beginning in 2019!

– They spoke about the hot topic issue of product distribution and working towards a successful resolution.
– They will be moving to less repacks and less Waves beginning in 2019 to help address distribution issues.
– They will have more exclusive reveals (including Prequel characters) at New York Comic Con, Unboxing Toy Convention, and Fan Expo Canada.

Justin LaSalata
Located in New York with his wife Dianna, Justin LaSalata is the US Editor of Jedi News responsible for reporting on all areas of Star Wars related news as well as coverage from NY Comic Con and Toy Fair NY.