For your viewing pleasure, the 8-figure initial wave of action figures that made up The Black Series wave 1 are now added to the Sandwatch Guide over at

My oh my, how things have changed…! Originally announced as part of a resurgence of the fan-favorite “Droid Factory” lineup, these figures were a mix of characters from an aborted 3D movie release with upgrades to popular characters from the Original Trilogy. Consisting primarily of repaints and kit-bashed figures, it’s not really a B-A-D (pun intended) selection of characters. But for long-time collectors, there’s nothing really NEW here either, as all of these characters have been made as action figures before. Another sore spot with fans was the cardback design…a last-minute change that might have been better served if The Vintage Collection had remained for another year. Get the full gallery after the jump!