Our friends in the Force over at Jedi Temple Archives have received word from one of their sources about the state of the Hasbro 6-inch Black Series line look and which figures we can expect to see released in the current packaging before Hasbro turns their attention to Rogue One . Over to JTA for the deets…

It’s likely that what has been released for waves 5 and 6 of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ lineup is it and we have also reached the end of this line look as well.

We’ve learned from a confidential source that barring any exclusives, The Black Series [Phase III] line look is complete. No other TBS6 figures will be coming in this line look and future “The Black Series [Phase IV]” figures will be part of the Rogue One launch. Of particular note, currently, Hasbro is sold out of The Black Series [Phase III] wave 5 and wave 6 figures. We don’t know specifically about solid case packs, but we imagine they’re included in the information we received. Wave 4 (the General Hux and X-wing Pilot Asty wave) has been sold out since December, but in an exceptional manner, more are due in late May/June.

It is UNKNOWN if waves 5 and 6 will have another run produced but from what our sources have explained it seems very unlikely. You’re encouraged to pick them up if you see them. Currently most of our sponsors have them/will be getting them in stock and they’re flying out the door quickly. Keep in mind that some key figures are likely candidates to be carried forward into the new Rogue One line look. This will indeed happen. But we all know from experience that not always the ideal figure gets the “carried forward” privilege like it should. As we learn more, you’ll learn more.