The second Monday set of Rogue One Mission cards are out in the wild and available for the next 4 days at a cost of just $19.99.

[foogallery id=”58893″]

This week’s Topps Star Wars Rogue One Mission Briefing Monday features five subjects (listed below) on the retro-style design inspired by the original 1977 Topps Star Wars blue starfield. These trading cards include images from the film plus character biographies.


  1. Jyn Erso (MBM Card no. MBM-1)
  2. Stormtroopers (MBM Card no. MBM-2)
  3. Scarif (MBM Card no. MBM-3)
  4. Imperial Assault Tank (MBM Card no. MBM-4)
  5. Admiral Raddus (MBM Card no. MBM-5)