There’s one week left to get your orders in for R2-KT hoodies, t-shirts and more; over to R2-KT’s illustrious man-servant Al with all the latest R2-KT collecting news.

Hey gang!

R2-KT Hoodies, Sweatshirts, ladies’ tees! We’re trying out an online store. Cheaper shipping, more items to choose from. Only open for two weeks, but orders inside the U.S. will get to you by Christmas! Tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, kids’ and ladies’ styles – it’s all here:

Hope you like it. Email me with any questions. Benefits Make-A-Wish if we generate any profit.
International orders just put my address in and I will ship it to you when it arrives (I’m at 300 Braewick Rd, Columbia SC 29212) Order by December 4th


* Thanksgiving patches still available and ship in two weeks

* 11″ R2-KT patches are being made and will be shipped late December

* 11″ 501st Squad patches still taking orders

* R2-KT Subscriptions are $10 off through end of year – GRAB ONE NOW, big savings on patches! $50 for any ten patches we release, in any combo.
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