R2-KT Coin: Pink Brigade!

R2-KT’s man servant AL, has reached out with this information about a new run of R2-KT coins withe the Pink Brigade logo….

KT Subscribers!
The AmbassaDroid and Pink Brigade programs are taking off! There are partner KT units around the world and costumers wearing flourishes of pink raising awareness and funds for charity. To celebrate, we are making a new run of R2-KT coins with the Pink Brigade logo on the reverse side. Everything you need to Embrace the Pink Side of the Force!

As KT Subscribers, you are entitled to reserve coins in place of patches – just reply back with how many of the Pink Brigade edition of the R2-KT coin you’d like from your Subscription. Each coin counts as one of your ten patch slots. Feel free to ask for an update on your remaining slots in your Subscription and remember – as current Subscribers you can renew any time for another ten slots for just $50. Just PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com and enter “Make me a Subscriber!” in the transaction notes.

Thank you for making KT’s mission possible.

May the Pink side of the Force be with you!


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