Pre-Order Gentle Giant PG Exclusive & Standard Premier Collection Rey Dreamer Statue

Fans first laid eyes on it at the Gentle Giant display at this past San Diego Comic-Con and now they can pre-order the new Premier Collection Rey Dreamer statue. The statue which depicts Rey seated outside her makeshift fallen AT-AT dwelling on Jakku as seen in The Force Awakens is available in two versions – Rey without her helmet and a helmeted version that is available exclusively to Gentle Giant Premier Guild members. In addition, the exclusive helmeted version has an interchangeable head and will come packaged with the unhelmeted Rey head along with her staff.

Point your browser here to pre-order the standard version. PG memnbers will need to be logged into their account in order to access the pre-order link for the exclusive helmeted version.

Earlier this year, Gentle Giant Ltd. showed off their first entry in the Star Wars Premier Collection line of statues, Dreamer Rey. Depicting Rey sitting on the sands of Jakku, gazing up at the stars, pondering her origins and dreaming of escape, the statue was shown with both helmeted and unhelmeted heads. Now, GG Ltd. is excited to announce that the helmeted head will be the next Premier Guild exclusive!

While the unhelmeted head version will be available to all customers, only Premier Guild members will be able to order the helmeted version. Additionally, the head on Premier Guild version will be interchangeable, and the unhelmeted head and staff will be included so it can be displayed in either configuration.

SOURCEGentle Giant
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